As a seasoned Technical Designer with an engineering background, I skillfully blend design insight with technical prowess, primarily through my work with Unreal Engine and Unreal Engine based projects. My transition from engineering to game design has enriched my capabilities, allowing me to quickly devise creative solutions for complex challenges.

Thriving in high-pressure situations, I excel at addressing complex issues and rapidly developing solutions, driven by my technical history and my deep knowledge of all things design.

My commitment to education is a key defining part of my career. I continue to actively engage in mentoring and teaching the next generation, aiming to inspire and cultivate creativity in the next generation of game developers.

My Specializations

🛠️ Unreal Engine Mastery

Deeply skilled in Unreal Engine, driving cutting-edge game development with extensive knowledge of the engine.

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My professional journey with Unreal Engine began in 2014 and has since become a cornerstone of my career. Throughout the years of working directly with the engine, I have worked both directly and indirectly with Epic Games; working on their titles and adding additional improvements to the engine.

I have a vast knowledge of many facets of the engine, including bleeding edge features. I have contributed directly to the code base of the engine and was one of the original collaborators on the marketplace submission guidelines.

I have written multiple published books on the engine and I am incredibly proud of my educational endeavours with the engine. I was one of the first recipients of an Unreal Engine megagrant in appreciation to my educational efforts.

I live and breathe Unreal Engine and I pride myself on my vast knowledge of the inner works of the engine and the best practices to make the most out of such a powerful tool.

📐 Technical Design

Consistently excelling in technical design on many large high-profile projects, adeptly addressing and preempting mission-critical issues.

🔧 Tools Dev / Workflow Optimization

Pioneering tools development and workflow enhancements to streamline AAA game production.

🎓 Educational Endeavours

Lifelong dedication to educating and inspiring the future generations in all aspects of the world of game development.

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Education is the core of my career. I've written numerous books that have found audiences worldwide, including in China, enriching knowledge of Unreal Engine and game design.

My previous educational website served as a significant resource, featuring Unreal projects that have attracted a global audience and used well over 100TB of bandwidth, underscoring the extensive reach and impact of these materials.

Regularly engaging in industry talks and events, I am committed to inspiring and mentoring the next generation of game developers, aiming to steer them towards innovative and outstanding practices in their careers.

What People Are Saying About Me…

Ismael Barbeito Vázquez

Technical Designer, The Multiplayer Group

"All hybrid profiles tend to be one-man orchestras, and Mr Shah excels at that premise. In just some months I saw him collaborate with tech artists in animation, implementing whole screens and widgets in UMG, doing research and code examples for engineers or replacing whole sound systems, Ryan can be found goblin mode in every single corner of the office, plotting to help the team achieve the next big thing."